Can Lasers Treat Active Acne? 

Nov 01, 2023
Can Lasers Treat Active Acne? 
If you suffer from active acne, you deserve relief. Most over-the-counter products only provide temporary relief, not long-lasting results. Laser treatments for active acne can leave you with clearer skin and prevent future breakouts. 

Modern technology offers new acne treatments for annoying active acne. Even though acne is common, no one wants to live with those red splotches or cysts on their skin. You can try topical treatments and other approaches, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a stronger method. 

Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, offers an array of skin treatments to smooth and tone your skin. One of those is a laser treatment called NeoClear ™.

How does laser therapy for acne work?

When you think of a laser beam, you know it’s focused light, but you may not realize it can reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria in your skin. It can also control your skin’s sebum glands to prevent them from overproducing the oily substance. 

Additionally, laser therapy can reduce your skin’s inflammation and heal lesions, so you enjoy a clearer complexion. 

How effective is laser therapy for acne? 

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists Association, laser therapy for acne is different for everyone. Most people experience clearer skin with multiple treatments, but the individual results will vary depending on your skin and type of acne.

In studies, dermatologists have tried an array of laser types. Different lasers focus most on bacteria and sebum reduction; others are better at controlling inflammation or smoothing your skin. 

The NeoClear™ laser treatment for acne treats active acne to reduce, target, and destroy acne-causing bacteria. This also lays the groundwork for preventing future breakouts. The laser treatment also smooths your skin and reduces acne scars by stimulating collagen production. Collagen is your skin’s cushioning layer that keeps your skin soft, smooth, and looking young. 

Who should consider laser treatment for active acne? 

If you’re tired of living with the embarrassment of active acne, the first step is a dermatologist consultation. Dr. Riaz assesses your skin condition and sensitivity to recommend the appropriate approach for your acne. 

Usually, people schedule multiple sessions. With each laser session, you see clearer and smoother skin. Because laser therapy for acne is a short, in-office procedure with minimal downtime, you can see results right away. It’s safe for all ages. 

Laser therapy for active acne offers acne sufferers the potential to live a life with clearer skin and prevent future breakouts. 

To find out if laser therapy is suitable for your acne, schedule your Brilliant Beauty consultation in San Pedro, California. You can book online with our scheduling tool.