Enjoy More Fulfilling Intimacy Without Surgery or Medications

Jul 07, 2023
Enjoy More Fulfilling Intimacy Without Surgery or Medications
If you’re looking to enhance your intimate life, keep reading to learn about these innovative treatments. These nonsurgical procedures can improve lubrication, bladder control, and elasticity.

Sexual wellness boosts your physical and mental health. It enhances intimacy between partners and even lowers blood pressure and stress. A good sex life can even enhance a woman’s bladder control because having an orgasm strengthens the pelvic floor. 

But what if you’re one of 30-40% of women experiencing sexual dysfunction? How can you reignite your passion-o-meter and enjoy sex again? Our team at Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, can address the physical side of sexual wellness. We’ll conduct a thorough physical and mental exam to uncover the reasons why you’re feeling the way you are and unlock ways to improve your sexual health. 

Common sexual barriers

It’s natural for the sex drive to ebb and flow throughout life. Many women lose desire as they age, and it may seem the sex drive is on a long hiatus. Others may experience pain during sex, which makes them want to avoid it. 

Sometimes, there are physical reasons for this lack of desire. For example, blood flow problems can affect the libido of both men and women. Hormonal changes can cause vaginal dryness and low desire. 

On the mental health side, stress and anxiety can contribute to a lack of desire. Fortunately, help is available. By assessing your current lifestyle and health markers, we can make recommendations to help you enjoy intimacy again. 

There are also new, noninvasive treatments available that can improve your sexual health. 


One of those treatments is IntimaLase®This innovative new technology uses the heat from a laser to stimulate collagen production in the vaginal canal. Collagen tightens the tissues in the vaginal canal and may increase lubrication. Both of these will enhance your intimacy. 

Additionally, it may help with bladder control. 

Another treatment is TimeWalker™Incorporating IntimaLase, IncontiLase®, RenovaLase®, and ProlapLase®, this approach increases vaginal lubrication and improves bladder control and elasticity. 

We also offer laser treatments for male enhancement with no surgery or downtime. 

These are in-office, nonsurgical approaches to ensure your sexual wellness and enhance your intimacy. 

What you can expect 

Our team of professionals will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine your reasons for a decreased sex drive. Once we uncover the reasons, we’ll help you create a plan for improving your sexual health. 

If appropriate, we’ll recommend a nonsurgical laser treatment like IntimaLase® or TimeWalker™. These treatments take place in our comfortable office, and they only take a few minutes so that you can fit them into the busiest of schedules. You deserve a healthy sex life. 

You can schedule a consultation here at Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, to discover ways to enjoy sexual wellness.