How to Refresh Your Eyes Without Surgery

Sep 01, 2023
How to Refresh Your Eyes Without Surgery
As you’ve aged, you’ve noticed your eyes are looking more tired than usual. Want to rejuvenate your eyes? You have more options than cosmetic surgery these days. Discover which nonsurgical treatment is right for you.

Your hard-working eyes deserve pampering. You can revitalize your peepers for a brighter-eyed appearance without surgery. Imagine smoothing your skin tone, reducing under eye bags, and minimizing wrinkles.

At Brilliant Beauty in San Pedro, California, our team specializes in helping you feel revitalized. From laser treatments to Botox, you can enjoy a nourishing approach to beauty and anti-aging. 

3 nonsurgical treatments 

You’ve probably used topical eye treatments for years. A good quality moisturizer with powerful ingredients can plump up thinning skin and minimize wrinkles. Retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E are good at-home daily treatments to stimulate collagen production and fight free radicals. 

However, there comes a point where you’ll probably want a stronger treatment. That’s where other nonsurgical options enter the frame. 

1. Laser treatments 

The highly focused lights from lasers safely rejuvenate your skin. Different types of lasers smooth your skin tone and tighten sagging skin. Lasers work by strategically heating specific areas of your skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin looking young. As you age, your body stops producing as much of it, and your skin starts sagging. 

For example, Fontana is a nonsurgical alternative to facelift surgery. This laser skin rejuvenation therapy uses two light wavelengths, allowing collagen regeneration at the deepest levels and removing skin tags, moles, and age spots from the top layer. 

SmoothEye™ uses a non-ablative laser to tighten the skin underneath your eye area and smooth the surrounding skin. 

2. Botox 

A classic anti-aging treatment, many people choose a small Botox injection to smooth frown lines on the forehead between the eyes. Botox works as a neuromodulator by blocking the communication between your brain and your nerves. This communication barrier temporarily paralyzes your muscles. 

So that wrinkle between your eyes? It smooths out, and you look younger. Plus, Botox can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around your eyes. With no downtime and results lasting 6-12 months, Botox is a perennial favorite for anti-aging. 

3. Dermal fillers 

These popular injections plump up thinning, sagging skin, making it look younger. Sold under brand names like Juvéderm, dermal fillers are a quick injection of hyaluronic acid, stimulating your body’s collagen production. You can enjoy smoother, younger-looking skin right away. 

Which nonsurgical treatment is right for you? 

Everyone’s goals are different. Because of your age, skin, lifestyle, and medical history, some treatments are going to be a better fit than others. For example, Fontana requires more prep time than the others. 

The Brilliant Beauty team will assess your skin, learn about your medical history and make recommendations most suitable to you. Located in San Pedro, California, you can make your appointment here.